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7 Ideas To KickStart Your Mind For Making Fabulous Blog Posts

If you’re not doing a series but posting individual blog posts, there’s a whole host of options for you! Make a list of these and try to mix it up on your blog so that you’re not using the same old approach on a continual basis.

7 Ideas to help kickstart your mind for making fabulous blog posts.
7 Ideas to help kickstart your mind for making fabulous blog posts.

Top tip lists make great blog posts. These are tips you 1gather and then blog about, explaining each one. For example: 7 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster, 6 Ways to Say No to Sweets When You’re on a Diet, the Top 3 Tips to Help You Save Money at the Grocery Store, etc.



Tips like this are easy to digest and people can usually come away knowing they’ve absorbed a few good nuggets, even if they didn’t appreciate all of the tips you presented.

Revie2ws  can also be done for individual blog posts. You don’t have to draw it out if it doesn’t call for it – or if it’s for a tangible item that you want to go over.


Rants about a topic can generate a buzz for your blog. You 3don’t want to be nothing more than a person who rants  & complains all of the time, but if you find something in your niche that needs to be exposed or discussed, don’t be afraid to talk about it!


Cur4ated content is something that everyone is buzzing about in the blog world. You can use short snippets where you quote or reference something from a magazine, news site, book or other blog and launch a discussion about it on your blog.



Usually, you’ll do something like present a snippet or portion of something someone else created (not a swipe of their material, but a very small piece, with a link back to their site).

Then you add your own commentary about it. For example, you might be writing a blog post about The Law of Attraction – and Oprah had a thing or two to say about it on her blog or website.You can take a quote from that, link back to the full article, and discuss what she said.

Think of it like a dinner party where you say, “Oh did you hear about …” and then you add your own opinions, insights, and even disagreements about the subject matter.

5Categorized posts will help you develop content for your blog. Some people map out the categories for their blog as they go. But if you have categories ahead of time, it can help you develop content just for that purpose.



For example, if you ran a health blog, you could do a post on health tips for boys, girls, teens, men, women and seniors. Then you can go through your editorial calendar and say, “I haven’t done anything on testosterone health this week, so I’ll do that today!”


Breaking news is always beneficial when blogging. Usually, this will help you see a spike in traffic because it’s new and there won’t be as many posts about it as there will be later.


Hot  Tip

“Set up a Google Alert so that you get notified when news happens about certain topics. But also go out and search Google and specific news sites for breaking topics yourself.”


7PLR (private label rights) can give you great ideas. You can buy PLR for about $1 per page – and just rewrite it or use it as springboard content to give you an idea of what to blog about for that day!



And there you have it! 7 tips to get your blogging adventure going ! Don’t forget to pick up my free Smart Start Online Business System here:






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