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7 things you must put on your About Me Page



Your About Page is your way in to someone’s life. It is really the most important and most visited page of your blog. Why is that? Because once people know about you….they want to know if they can relate to you.

Are you their kind of guy/gal? Do you believe in things like they do? What is their history?

Why Is an About Page so important?


Recently, several people emailed me mentioning how they went to someone’s site I had recommended, but there was no information about who they were, so they either didn’t buy at all, or didn’t sign up on their list.


I never knew OTHER people looked for that information. I thought “About” pages were ignored. I know I personally DO look at these pages before I do anything else on a person’s website. Just thought I was dorky like that.


An About page is the one page when someone lands on your site where they expect to see what YOU are all about (or your company’s mission). They know it’s not a sales spot – they want realism. They want to see the “real you”.

Think about it…..let’s say you picked up a blog post from Facebook or Twitter. It was an interesting post, but now the decision is… I want to follow this person? Do I want to get to know them better?

So the next step a person will go to is the About Page.

A Great Example:

Let’s take a look at Sarah Hart’s About me page:

It’s a great About page because it evokes an emotion in me. I have trust in Sarah because she is talking about me alot…not about her. Hmmm…I wonder if there is some thing to that?


  1. She’s using a picture. She’s smiling.
  2. She’s telling story about you.
  3. She empathizes with the feelings her audience is feeling now as well as how they’ll feel once they succeed.
  4. She invites me to join her in the journey.
  5. She talks about me a lot….wait….why is she is she doing that? We will discuss that in a little bit.


Sarah is speaking from the heart – as you will be doing, too. She wasn’t selling to us.


 I go to the About Page to see if this person blogging has anything in common with me. 

So when writing your About Page, there are a couple of things that you want to keep in mind.


1. Your promise statement should be somewhere prominent in this page. It’s not “all about them” as some people say – and it’s really not “all about you,” either. It has to be a good balance.

If you think about it, what they want to know is: will you be good for them?

Will you be fair, honest, and worth their time?

The LAST thing I want you to do with is write some sterile Unique Selling Proposition. Or follow this shallow advice I saw online – look what their advice on an About page is:

  • your experience
  • links to your other websites or blogs
  • your contact information


All impersonal and not what your visitor is after. There are contact form plug ins for contact information. There are sidebars and other places to include links. The only thing worthy on that list is your experience – but not in a cold way.

People related to stories. So tell yours on this About page.

2.Start with a picture. Yep – time to get out the old JPG!

Breathe…you can do it!

It can be a thumbnail. It can be anything but it needs to be you.

After the picture, give a quick snapshot of who you are. For me, I tell about my experiences. I also explain I’m married, and I have kids. Also add in there anything special about you.

Give your backstory then – what led you to be where you are now? I tell a little about about my my military life and my special needs daughter.

Give information about how your path has altered over time. Did you start out on working corporate and move to network marketing? Explain the transition. Talk about what you did and didn’t like.

Talk about what you think makes you different than your competitors. What will they gain from you that they can’t have with anyone else? (Or at least not many others).

Work your promise /mission statement in there and expand on it.

3.Weed out your NON audience. I know that there is a special niche of special people out there for me and I write for them….not for everybody. You will have a unique following if you keep to writing for your particular special audience as well


4.Invite people to connect to you. And by that I don’t mean saying, “Please feel free to contact me.” Be a little more personable. Set their mind at ease about reaching out to you – so many people feel like it’s an inconvenience. Make it easy.


  1. Remember- this is not a resume. You don’t have to go through your list of accomplishments. You want to connect with your perfect audience.I wouldn’t meet someone in a dinner party and start saying, “I’m the proud author of 5 ebooks on kindle and have had X number of people served.”lol

No – I’d say, “I started working from home when xxxxxxxxxx…” and take it from there. Be PERSONABLE. This is not a job interview.

6 .What Not to Include on Your About Page

Don’t sell on your About page.

Don’t stick a bunch of hyperlinks to all your sites there. (Or to others).

Don’t be nervous, either. Your About page is fully editable at any time. The key now is to attract people to your intentions and your abilities. You have that in you – just tap into it!


  1. Call To Action

Don’t ask people to opt in – unless it’s at the BOTTOM of your About page – they’re just now showing an interest in getting to know you, so tell your story first and then later invite them.

There is nothing wrong with a Call To Action at the bottom of your page. The reason why I say this is because if your perfect client just finished reading your About Page fully, then they now know you. They will either leave and decide not to continue the journey with you …OR….they want to continue and a Call To Action there at the bottom is the perfect placement and time to suggest that they join the ride.

So Don’t forget your call to action.

****Here is a tip*** On any page always give your audience something to do next. Never leave them hanging or they will leave.


So when creating your About Page…think of the things that you really do think about when you are visiting someone’s blog  for the first time. Don’t worry about attracting everyone…because that is not going to happen ..ever. You will never please everyone. But what you will do , if you keep to your guns and be yourself, is that you will keep the perfect people that really love you and your writing style and everything about you. You don’t have to change for anyone.


So today, you’re going to take your promise and your words that best reflect you and you’re going to create an About page for yourself.

I want this to be your style – not mine. But use guidelines I  gave you and you decide what would make a good About page if you were visiting one and looking for information about whether or not you liked first impressions of this person and felt like investigating them further.

When you’re finished with YOUR About page, how about you share it with me? Or on my blog in the comments section so others can support you with feedback?

What do you go to the About Page For? What are you expecting so find out or see?

Let me know your thoughts below…….



  1. Great advice! I printed it and will be revamping mine!

  2. Sage advice Veronica, love the heart centric approach

  3. Your advice about weed out the non-audience is great. I’m always worried that I’m too TV oriented for a business girl but hey, you either share my passion or you don’t, right?

  4. Great article and right to the point. I don’t know if this is actually the best place to ask but do you people have any thoughts on where to hire some professional writers? Thx 🙂

  5. Currently it looks like Drupal is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

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