About Veronica

 Hi ! I'm Veronica!

Hey there ladies! If you feel as if you are so talented and you have so many passions that you can't just pick one...then I am right there with you...In fact, the #1 reason that my business has been stifled is because I couldn't make up my mind between three different niches.

So...how did I do it? I did them all. In small increments of course...but I am a shiny object follower. I will go where the shiny bouncy ball takes me so I needed my passions to reel me in.

I figured out how to do it and I can help you .

If you have so many different areas of interests and cannot seem to decide...I feel ya.

I'm right here with you all the way.

So ..About Me right?

I am married and have five kids.I am a 15 Year Veteran of the United States Air Force.My Specialty is Technology with Marketing in the Mix.

I have a love (or an obsession...I'll figure that out later)  for Netflix binging.....Dr Who, Game of thrones, Once upon a time & Vampire Diaries..Oh  yeah...can't forget about my DC & Marvel Comic Universe-(The Flash is my FAVE)

I am a Special Needs Momma...(My middle baby has Cerebral Palsy)

I have a deep faith in God & the Miracles and Spirit of the Universe. I believe in Destiny & that everything happens for a reason

I Love Happy Endings. My Sincere wish is that everyone finds their Happy Ending.

So, what is the next step?

This website will have resources for you but is also here to answer your questions.

Now that you know me....Join us in getting your online life just a little bit more organized and ready to make some money! Start Here






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