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Affiliate Greatness: I got your answer! Day 2

Let’s say that you are teaching/coaching a class and you have the most absolutely fabulous teaching/training tool and this tool can actually hit the stop and put things into perspective, or better yet…..make things so much easier for your client. But you are afraid because of the “I’m getting a commission thing”. Look…..this is where you have to

Be Straightforward About It.

Just because you are taking a relationship-based approach to affiliate marketing, don’t feel you have to pussy-foot around the issue of what you’re recommending. Once you’ve identified your visitor’s problem and given her hope there is a solution—provide it, up front and without apologies or explanations.

You are actually the one that tried the product out and found the resource for your clients in the first place. You are doing a service and there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a kick back . In fact, you deserve it!

This is absolutely crucial, no matter what style of affiliate marketing you choose to embrace.

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