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Affiliate Marketing- Day 4

Choose your product carefully.

If you are promoting a single product, remember that it is better to specialize in one product that either brings a huge return by way of commission or brings in masses of sales.

If you are promoting across a platform such as Amazon, where there are masses of organic visitors pre-qualifying themselves every day, it won’t matter so much if the commission or other rewards is comparatively low just because of the numbers—

but if you are promoting a high-ticket course, for example, you will have a small, specialized conversion rate, so it’s important to make sure the commission on each sale will be well worth-while.
3-Deep thinkingBe your own case study.

If you can prove what a measurable, positive difference a system, course, product or eBook has made in your own life, you will double your chances of getting a conversion.
If you are just starting out, you have a perfect opportunity to plan the documentation of your journey, step by step.
Use videos and tracking data screenshots, in addition to photographs. Note that people respond especially well to videos, since they perceive these as less easy to fake—particularly if you are showing something happening in real-time—mistakes and all!
Remember that people identify with mistakes and failures, so providing you also show the way to overcome or avoid these, you can create tremendous credibility by keeping it real.

Be clear about which specific niche you operate within.

Resist the urge to promote products all over the map. Only promote products that are highly relevant to your list. This is the only way to keep building trust with your followers.

Make it easy for others to praise you.

Unfortunately it is all too easy to fake results in images and screenshots—and your audience knows this all too well. That’s where your reputation comes in. Combine your proof with praise from others: Both formally (in testimonials or comments) and informally (i.e. people talking positively about you on social media, after using a product you recommended—or getting direct, no-strings-attached help.

Don’t just hope they’ll praise you, however:

  • Ask leading questions and ask your readers to answer these in your comments
  • Give specific, irresistible calls to action
  • Provide a feedback form (and be sure to tell people to leave feedback!)

Have any questions about Affiliate Marketing? We have 21 days… I’m bound to cover it…if not…leave me a comment below!

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