Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing -Day 5

Approach people whose products you want to represent and suggest a JV partnership.

If you already have a decent list and even a modest (but active and blossoming) web presence, it may be time to approach the person or company whose product you want to represent.
Before you do, however, think of this from your potential JV partner’s viewpoint: What is in it for her? Why will partnering up with you be an advantage when she already has many affiliates—none of whom need “special treatment”?
Give your potential JV partner the special treatment: Create a highly valuable incentive for her list. Make it easy for her to work with you. Provide resources, links and tracking. Show her how teaming up with you can potentially increase her conversions. (That goes back to creating a “win-win” situation.)

Don’t have any JV partner’s at this point? Try These:





Be prepared to turn down offers.

As your affiliate marketing efforts become known and appreciated by your audience, the inevitable will happen. Companies will notice that people do what you say and buy what you recommend.
You may be asked to recommend products in exchange for pay. There is nothing wrong with this—as long as you follow two key “rules”:



  • Let your readers know you are receiving compensation to review the product—not necessarily within each article, but in your general disclaimer page or notice, as “Heidi” does in her Food Doodles
  • Be ruthlessly honest. Never, ever let a generous fee (or free product) make you feel pressured into giving a kinder review than you would if you’d had to purchase it for yourself.

It is your reputation on the line. You will only maintain your celebrity affiliate status if people absolutely know they can depend on you to tell the truth about products, whether you are asked to review them or not.
Make sure the person or company asking you understands that your review will be unbiased and honest.
(Incidentally, this is also when you will know you’re reaching “celebrity affiliate” status.)

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