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Affiliate Marketing -Day 6

As I was blogging this, I got an email from a coach asking if some of these tactics can help with promoting their own programs.


Simple answer- YES!

Now some of these tactics are great for more an a full time affiliate marketing, but speakers, coaches, authors and other professional can definitely use this to help promote their JV partners as well.

Shall we Continue?



Use Instagram and Pinterest for your affiliate promotions.


Don’t just depend on YouTube or your blog: Check out the capabilities (and rules) within other social networks—especially Instagram and Pinterest.
Use a hashtag to help spread the word. And you can cross-promote your contests over even more social platforms.


Affiliate has an awesome article on using Instagram for your JV marketing efforts:

Use contests to increase your reach by promoting your brand too—with you as the brand. The stronger your branding, the more power your recommendations will generate.

Marketing Easy Street has a great Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Article that kind of explains things a bit:


Create your own forum

6-Clicknewz forum

If you find yourself being asked many questions or your niche has a strong community of which you are already a well-known part, create your own forum. Base it around the specific area that your fellow niche members talk about most, as Lynn Terry does with her Internet Marketing forum.
And, like Lynn Terry, use the principle of exclusivity to increase its attractiveness by making it a closed group with an entry criteria, if you know you will immediately get at least twenty members. (It can be paid or free, but people still need to qualify themselves and this weeds out those who are not die-hards.)
If you are not so well known or your list is small, you can go the opposite way and create an open forum. Remember, you can—and should—plan to add a paid “gold” and “platinum” level to reward your most devoted members.
And also remember that your forum members are also your potential affiliates, and will spread the word about you and the help you give.


Attract affiliates yourself!


And speaking of which, the best way to become a celebrity affiliate is to have your own affiliates, spreading the word about you.
Promote products you can brand. Promote high-ticket courses based on current popular niche strategies or techniques. Then have your affiliates send people to your promotional events (such as webinars or podcasts).

Create a Facebook Group

Another great strategy to deploy when there is hot activity around a topic or niche.

Facebook Groups are often split-offs from other Facebook Groups. For example, when you belong to a low carb diet Facebook Group and find there are a number of people who are into “extreme low carbing” or “low carb cycling”, where you follow a no-carb day with a low-carb day with an “ordinary” carb day.

Your Facebook Group isn’t a platform for affiliate sales: In fact, this may be seen as having an ulterior motive. But it is the perfect platform for showing others how you can help them, and getting to know them on an intimate and trust-based level.

When creating your Facebook group- Don’t call it a Facebook group. Call it a “Mastermind” or a “Creative box” or something that changes the dynamic of the group. Again…this place is not for affiliate marketing but for gaining trust.

This helps ensure that buzz about you in other areas of your online life is always positive—and active.

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