“How to use Facebook advertising to grow your list and your bank balance”




“How to use Facebook  advertising to grow your list and your bank balance”


                        Denise Cooper




Oct 30, 2014




Join Denise Cooper for this awesome interview.

Denise Cooper “Sexy Money” teaches women and entrepreneurs how to rock their relationship with money in a way that is joyous, easy, fun, and feminine.
She knows that money can be intimidating to women which is why she developed the Sexy Money training program to take the scariness out of money and help women make more, have more, and give more. Learn money management from someone who bootstrapped her business without investments, a trust fund, loans, or using credit cards. Denise believes that all women everywhere have a special gift for the world and just need the proper training and mentorship to develop a mindset that demands what they are worth AND treats money with respect, a whole Lotta self worth, and a dollop of good old fashioned Josephine style flirtation, irreverence, and spunk.


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  1. Money even the generic non sexy type has an appeal to me.

  2. left some comments via fb messaging

    1. Awesome Gary! Thank you!

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