“How to Overcome Tech Overwhelm So You Will Stop Procrastinating and Get Results”


Emily“How to Overcome Tech Overwhelm So You Will Stop Procrastinating and Get Results”

With Emily Levy




 Oct 20, 2014

On This Call You will Discover:

• The #1 Way to Bust through Your Overwhelm with Online Technology Even if You “Don’t Speak Computer”
• What Procrastination Really Means and What to Do About It
• How to Get Done in 3 Hours What You Normally Accomplish In a Week


Join Emily for this awesome interview.

Emily Levy helps women who have thriving professional practices get beyond their fear of technology and take their businesses online so they can have a bigger impact in the world. She guides the solo business professional to create smooth-running teleseminars and webinars, email lists, websites, and online group programs. She offers creative done-for-you and done-with-you options as well as tech training for the do-it-yourselfer. “I love sitting side-by-side with my clients, even if it’s over the phone, and helping them make friends with their technology. I know how intimidating and overwhelming getting your business online can be. Sometimes even brilliant women like you feel ‘stupid’ about technology. You’re not stupid! There’s just stuff you haven’t learned yet.” More info at


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  1. Hi Veronica, and thank you for the invitation to be interviewed. I want your audience to know that we made a last-minute change in our plan and I’m not going to share the 3rd bullet point on the call today but I will share it here on the blog.

  2. A great way to get as much done in 3 hours as you’d usually accomplish in a week is to have a Get It Done Day, what in my FAB Lab program we call a Power Project Playday. This works best when you have at least one person to do it with. Set aside a 3-hour block of time. Check in with each other at the beginning and share your goals for the time slot. Choose projects you can complete! At the end, check in again and celebrate your accomplishments together.
    You’ll be astonished at how this focused, “carved out” time will help you power up your actions.

    1. Love it Emily! Thank you for all of your valuable insight!

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