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“Cracking The Six Figure Code: The Path To Overcoming Underearner Syndrome”



“Cracking The Six Figure Code: The Path To Overcoming Underearner Syndrome”



Wei Houng







One of the biggest obstacles that keep most women from reaching their financial goals is not whether or not they have all the necessary resources to be successful.

They can have all the start up funds, staff, and support and still struggle to make the income they know they should be making.
What many don’t realize is that they might be afflicted with what is called “Underearner Syndrome”.

And this is an affliction that runs rampant in women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs today.
In this interview, 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, Wei Houng reveals some key components to help you start curing yourself of this malady and put you on the path to start cracking the 6 figure code

 On This Workshop We are going to Learn About:

 1.  Pulling the Veil Back: Do you test positive for Underearner Syndrome?
2.  Facing the Fears: Getting intimate with your inner child
3.  8 Steps To Becoming A 6 Figure Superstar




Wei Houng


for this awesome Workshop.


Award-Winning Speaker and Trainer, Wei Houng is a 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach. Over the course of his career in various industries he has built several six-figure businesses as both an entrepreneur and intrapreneur using what is now called his High Performance Breakthrough System™.

Despite having built his first 6 figure business at the age of 22, his journey wasn’t always so easy. In fact, it was so painful that when he finally figured out what it would take to consistently generate $100k+, he felt that it was his calling to educate, empower, and inspire as many conscious entrepreneurs to achieve levels of success that they may have never thought possible.

From Mommy Bloggers, Celebrities, and even Technology Thought Leaders, Wei has coached, trained and guided
hundreds of individuals to generate revenue and growth that previously existed only in their dreams.






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