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6 Epic Ways to Build A Blog So You Can Make Passive Cash Today



So you want to start making some passive cash building a blog, and you have seen on social media that there are bloggers making good money while doing it- but you don’t know how to start and you really are not that “computer illiterate”.

Thats ok.  There are tons of instructions out there how to start up your blog within an hour.


1. How to Start a Blog

If you love to write and you love to help people, blogging is one of the best jobs in the world. It’s also one of the only businesses that you don’t need to invest major money in to start up…  You invest your time

If this sounds like the perfect gig for you, I’m happy to tell you that your lack of computer skills won’t be an issue. I can help you get around that!

Here is a list they help you with at

How to Start a Blog

Decide on your end goal: Money or Pleasure.
Determine your niche: What do you want to write about?
Choose a name for your blog.
Get hosting for your blog.
Get WordPress for your blog.
Choose a theme for your blog.
Create a logo for your blog.
Start writing on your blog!
Create graphics for posts.
Making money from your blog.


2.Where in the Heck Can I get all of these Ideas for Epic Posts?

OK so now you have a blog. In order for you to publish it- you need to have 5 Epic posts to get started before you launch. Having information that people in your niche will want to know about is kind of important- don’t you think? Below, Bites to Brand has 55 Blog Post Ideas that you can use for kicking off your blog posts.


Yay! So you have a blog now and are ready to rock the blogging world (I’m happy dancing with you my friend!) and now what can you write about?

Seriously, writers block is totally real, so whether you are a new blogger or are a pro one looking for an extra dose of inspiration here are 55 blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

3. Be Productive and Purposeful.

When you have blog and you start..the honest to God’s truth is that until you get into your organized productive will be all over the place. Planning, scheduling and finding online tools to help you with this endevour is essential.

How to become ridiculously productive by automating blog tasks

At– they have listed a ton of ways to be productive by automating certain blogging tasks.

In general, automation saves you time by decreasing your involvement in a process. Once you’ve set up an automation system, it will run by itself while you eat bonbons on your couch. And by eat bonbons on your couch, I mean get everything else done on your endless to do list.

From now until the end of time, BoardBooster automatically pins from your hidden board to your group boards on a schedule you set.

You don’t ever need to log-in to BoardBooster or Pinterest to manage it. The pinning just happens, over and over until you tell BoardBooster to stop.

Through this exact automation set-up, I pin 500x/month, without lifting a finger! It definitely makes me feel like an all-powerful goddess of productivity. Automation almost always requires tech tools, which replace the manual effort you would otherwise have to put in. Here are some of the most popular tools, some of which are free.

Connect your favorite programs and apps, then create recipes that tell each program or app what to do. For example, using IFTTT, I tell twitter to tweet a link right after a new blog post is published on my website.

4. Lets Make Some Money!

So at some point you are going to need to look into opportunities to monetize your blog.

At– they discuss how you can use paid blogger networks to start making money now.

One of the quichipmediakits.comkest and most productive ways to monetize is using paid blogger networks. For those of you who don’t know, paid blogger networks are groups of bloggers networking together and companies post paying blog opportunities for bloggers to apply to partner with them for those gigs.

Networks make it easy for you so you don’t have to invest the time scouring the internet trying to find companies to work with you.




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5. Promoting Your Posts


Promoting your blog is going to be one of the most important things that you do in your blogging career.  has 21 ways to promote your Blog Posts.

Don’t give away all of your content in the title…instead, give the reader a “teaser” of what’s in the post, so they’re much more likely to actually click on (and possibly share) your full content.  

Include links to old posts within new posts.

 As you talk about relevant ideas in your new content, don’t be afraid to link to older blog posts!

On a similar note, I also use and have really liked having the LinkWithin widget on lambertslately.stfi.rethe bottom of my posts.

And I highly recommend having a labels widget on your sidebar if you’re on Blogger (mine has changed a little since I wrote this, but pictured above is the standard one you can easily grab through Blogger without being a designer).

 Pinterest has proven to be a huge source of traffic for my blog, and most of that traffic comes from posts that rank highly in a few popular searches on that platform.

(If you don’t believe me, go search “cleaning schedule” on Pinterest…that’s just one of several I have that rank really high in frequently searched topics.)


When I’m creating a post that I’d like to perform well on Pinterest, I always head over there to find the keywords people are searching.

I promote both new and old content (with an emphasis on the new content) on Facebook and Twitter daily.

For new content, I usually share links to blog posts on both Facebook and Twitter twice…once right after the post launches and once anywhere from 8 hours to a day or two later.

 I use Hootsuite to schedule my Facebook and Twitter promotions ahead of time so I don’t forget!

5. Now is the time to start building your list

Having a blog and not starting a list is like shooting yourself in the foot. Having a list will be part of your passive income at one point. You can use your list in many ways- for example: If you have a new post coming out, you can notify your list so they can have a heads up. You can also encourage them to share it on Facebook. Also if you are helping to promote other peoples products, you can not only post it on your blog but also send it out to your list for those that are not always active on your blog. Having a list can open your passive income stream to so many ways to make money.

In order to start building your list, you must create something of value for your readers.

How to Create a Freebie for Your Blog

How to Create a Freebie for Your Blog – Blogging Freedom

Here’s how to do it: You can use several tools to create your freebie. I used Google docs to create an ebook and checklists to go with my ebook. Then I just shared the link with people who signed up.

You can also use Canva to create ebooks.

You can use your iPhone and a mini-mic to create videos, or you can just use Microsoft Office to create PowerPoints or resources on Word docs.

You can even take some of your most popular posts and package them into an email course.

This is just a snippet of their ideas that they had that you can use. I would suggest you check out to see what else you can do for a freebie.


Starting a blog can be a little daunting, but finding the right people to show you the way can make this a little easier.

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For a ton more resources to propel your online business…visit us here:

Build your blog-make passive cash
6 epic ways to build a blog so you can make passive cash today


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