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Help…I can’t decide on my Niche !

      Do you and your niche have a love/hate relationship? You love your niche…or at least you know you will love your niche when you find it. But you hate, hate, hate the fact that you need to find it to get things rolling in your business. Am I right? You are thinking that if you don’t pick …

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How to Create A Website That Stands Out And Attracts Your Favorite Clients

  “How to Create A Website That Stands Out And Attracts Your Favorite Clients” With                         Holly Chantal   ,   In this exclusive interview, you will learn: – The 4 make-or-break decisions you must make before you hire a website designer. – The #1 ingredient most websites are missing (and how to make sure …

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Why You Should Think Like A Millennial To Promote Your Event Today

  Stop promoting your events like old-school promoters. There are ways that you can promote your event without spending the cash. Check out this article from Small Business Trends and what they say about it. Become a Millennial! You have a major event coming up. Either a conference, seminar, hosted panel discussion, reception for journalists at a major trade show, …

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