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What Steve Jobs Can Tell you About Living Your Life


steve Steve Jobs is one of my inspirations. I love what he talks about with connecting Life’s dots.

One of his points was that you need to do what you like to do .

Steve speaks to me because he was great at “starting at the beginning” and “Starting over”. I would, multiple times, begin a project and then be intimidated because someone else just launched something similar and my product sucked compared to there project.  Don’t be pushed into crafting a product that doesn’t speak to you, it doesn’t matter if its the latest thing.





Life is such a fleeting thing. Make your next project that speaks to your heart so you can be proud of it.


  1. I admire Steve Jobs as well. Great post.

  2. My husband read Steve Jobs biography. He wasn’t always the calm , sensitive innovator that he portrays in this video and not always kind. But I have to agree in this speech he does make some very good points about always having the power to start over and making life what you want. Self- authority is a wonderful thing to have and use.

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