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When Shiny Object Syndrome Controls Your Business

We’ve all heard of the the Shiny Object Syndrome Right?


If you haven’t ….here is what it is.


Its when you have no clear goal or path so you buy everything and anything under the sun that could potentially be “the next best thing” instead of buying what you really need.


A person that has a clear, defined goal, path or niche, tends not to have this habit.


Me?? I was not that person.


I was far from being clear. I was far from having a goal. I was far from being a good small business entrepreneur.


I was buying all the programs that could give me that clarity.


I knew that I was meant for online business, but I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to get there…yet- I was sure that one of these “millionaire mentors” had the answer that I so desperately needed. So I bought the programs and they all became shelf help.


I needed the clarity of what my business would be or I wouldn’t last.

What I really needed to do was …just not worry about picking at all.


I needed to just DO.












I had 3 Major interests….but my problem was…they had nothing to do with each other.

I would rack my head around what would make money.

Then I would think about- if the customers in this niche even had money.

And this one hit me hard…I would think about “Why would they want this from me? Who am I to do this?”

Big time not aligned.
So…..Instead of trying to pick …I just started doing.


I picked one to start working on.

Here was the plan:


I picked one to start with (What had my heart at the time)

I started with a Facebook page.

I took my time creating the graphic and setting up the posts that would run in Meet Edgar for a bit.


Then my interest shifted.. so I moved on to the next niche.

I created a blog this time.

Then i created the Facebook fan page.


Every time my interest shifted I moved.

I became versatile.

But something amazing started to form.


You see……for a while it was about me.

What I wanted, What I Liked, What I was involved with.

But as women became involved- it became more about them and less about me.


So ….to help you get started…here is my hugest…most gigantic tip.

If you are multi- talented like me- I want you to consider the people.


Is the natural audience who you want to work with? Are you willing to go all the way and do things that you wouldnt normally do?


If so- then you got your “starting” niche- remember it probably wont last. It would probably change in about 6 months or so…for worse- but most likely for the better!


Need a little clarification on your Niche? Ask the Group!


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