Why You Should Think Like A Millennial To Promote Your Event Today


Stop promoting your events like old-school promoters. There are ways that you can promote your event without spending the cash. Check out this article from Small Business Trends and what they say about it. Become a Millennial!


You have a major event coming up. Either a conference, seminar, hosted panel discussion, reception for journalists at a major trade show, a community event – you get the idea. And you have done all your planning and preparations are solid. Now, what can you do to tip your event from successful to absolutely fabulous?

Think like a Millennial! Yes, that’s right…those social media savvy, online marketing and gamification powerhouses ushering in the next level of event promotion and awareness.

Promote Your Event Like a Millennial

Millennials Know Hashtags

Millennials are trained to think in 140 characters or far, far less. They get to the heart of a topic – fast. They identify what’s the buzz, what’s hot and why people should take notice.

Millennials exercise this gift with hashtags that sport not only branding power but also social awareness. What better way to promote your event than to hashtag it like a champ?

Check out the rest of the article here: http://smallbiztrends.com/2014/08/millennial-promote-your-event-online.html


I love that there are different ways to promote your event out there. If I have learned anything at all from Internet Marketing…it is that this is all Psychology. If you can work on how people think…you can master this market.

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