Figuring Out Your Niche Using The “Drill Down” Formula

This is a 2 step formula.

1:   Figure the niche out

2:    Put the niche through the test.

Let’s Begin

 Step 1: Figure The Niche Out

Finding a niche to focus on is a little more than just writing down what you are interested in.

You need to focus on a very specific area of the niche so that you can get to know your people a little better.


Let’s look at how to break down your niche idea using a an online topic that is used over and over:  how to make money with online marketing.

First off… that is way to broad a subject. It would be very hard to target that market because there are so many subjects within online marketing. Don’t believe me? Just put that term into a Pinterest search and see what pops up!

As you can see, there is a lot of competition with that broad of a term.

The best way to look at this would be to use a Mind Map of sorts. 

I used Mindmeister to create this Mind Map superfast.

Overall Topic: How to make money with online marketing.

Woah! That’s an entire set of niche topics that can be developed merely by taking time to analyze why people might want to earn money from online marketing.

Action Step:

  • Out of the six topics listed in the MindMap, select two that really interest you or an area that you have personally experienced.
  • Take the first topic you chose and start thinking about five to seven key questions that people might ask in looking for information for the topic.
  • Next, start a niche search using the keywords you came up with and write down what you find.
  • Using Google Docs …start collecting this information.
  • Using…add to your compiling notes all the websites that you come across  that have something to do with this particular topic.
  • Stay Focused! It’s hard to not go down the rabbit hole!

Step 2: Put the Niche that You have Chosen Through the Test.

When you have chosen a niche , the next step is for it to go through the test.

Do this with any niche that you choose. It will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run!

Action Step:

Niche Test

  1. Are you good at it? Do you have any experience working with this niche?
  2. Know alot about it and/or want to learn more?  This important because it will test how much content you will be willing to research and put out.
  3. Decide if this is the niche you will help people with.
  4. Finally, Is this the niche that you want to be “known” for? Do you want to be the Linkedin Lady? Do you want to be known for helping over 40 artists marketing their paintings? 

If you get at least 3 out of 4 then keep this niche. It is worth it to start moving forward with your business, because here’s the thing. None of the niches will be perfect. It will grow into something that is personal and unique to you and you are the one that makes it perfect.

The last thing that you need to do is start researching Clickbank or other affiliate programs to see if they have any programs or products that will go nicely with your chosen niche.

This will help you start making money right now if you start leveraging other people’s products while you are developing your own. 

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