Five With Veronica Newsletter #5- Hello Bar & Tailwind Tribes

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Tonight I’m headed off to see the new Spiderman movie tonight
( how do we continue without Ironman?)….  OMG I’m such a geek. But I have some cool stuff to share with you and I hope that you can use it for your marketing this week:)

1. ⛱️The first resource I wanted to help you with is a great Youtube that I found. If you have an issue with people visiting your website and then leaving and NOT signing up for your freebie- then here is a big tip from Neil Patel. In this tip he uses a tool called and its free! Check out the video on how he used this technique. It’s pretty smart!

2.  ⛱️  I joined some more tailwind tribes this week.  Pinterest has really been a great help with exposure to my blog, but the tailwind tribes are blowing it out of the water.  And for someone that has “no time cuz I’m a mom” here is my strategy that I use. 

3.  ⛱️  My special for my one on one freedom business model ends this weekend. If you are not a part of the Facebook group join here so you can see it. It is exclusive only to my #onlinejourneymembers.

4. ⛱️ Im going to start working on my LinkedIN platform a little more. If you want to be my friend on LinkedIn to see what Im doing that would be awesome! 

5.  ⛱️  Do you need some awesome websites? How about landing pages? Let me show you DFY hero. This web app is pretty awesome. Its can put together a landing page, a pop up or a full blown blog for you in Minutes. And they really look nice. Its pretty inexpensive right now but I’ve decided to throw together some last minute bonuses for you. These bonuses were given to me by my friend Jono. 

He has this talent for created bonuses that you can really use…not these fake ones that you see sometimes.


Thats all I got for this Friday. What info did you like the best?
Hit reply and let me know . 

Have a great Friday!


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