How to use Tailwind Tribes with a very limited schedule for busy moms

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I just started joining tailwind tribes and they have made a big difference for me.


But as a working mom- I needed a strategy that can fit into my already squished to hell schedule.

So this is what I do.

This is my strategy because I am so short on time. If you can schedule the time to do a detailed strategy- then do it!

This strategy is for moms who haven’t fully fixed their schedule to have extra time to focus yet lol.

So as a Tailwind member, you can join 10 Tribes for free

Plus, Tailwind is offering you a FREE $30 credit to try their awesome- almost hands off service. That equals two free month of the BEST Pinterest Scheduling tool out there!

Once you log into Tailwind

1.)Go to the left 

2.) Pick the icon with the people in it 

3) Join a Tribe 


 Just for full disclosure: my genre is blogging, small business and organization.

I don’t do crafts and DIY stuff, health or beauty. When you are picking your tribes I suggest you stay with your genre.

Here is how I pick the ones for free:

I pick tribes that are a share one to one.

I pick tribes that only care about what I am pinning on my Pinterest Boards

I pick tribes that only care about the quality of the pin

Yes- this is my limited criteria.


Now that I have my 10 tribes picked out -here is my strategy.

  1. Every Sunday I pin 3 pins to each of my boards.
  2. Next I pin 6 pins from each of the tribes (this frees me to pin at least 5 pins to each tribe)
  3. Next I pick 5 pins and I pin them directly to the each tribe.
  4. Because I know that I can pin any of my pins as long as they are good quality pics (according to the rules) Im good to go.


That is it!

It’s pretty easy and simple and once you can get the money to add more tribes I would do so!

Also I just started my tribe for Small business Moms so join it! The rules go easily with this Tailwind Strategy for Beginners!

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