New Here? This is where you Start!

When starting an online business, many people think that you need tons of programs and alot of money to put down to start…but that just isnt the case.

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In reality ….to run your own business, you need 4 things. And of course the internet.

You need:

1. A landing page

2. A way to collect emails

3. Something to give away

4. Something to sell

This is it.

For a more elaborate online business you would need:

1. A blog (Theme, hosting, a domain name)

2. Social Media platforms

3. A couple of products or services to sell

4. A landing page (If you have a blog then you can use that to create your landing pages)

5. Someone teaching you the ropes (a coach)

So the first list is the BASICS.

You need a landing page so that you can sign up people to be on your list.

You need something valuable to give away ( We call this an Opt- in or a Free goody) so people will take that in exchange for their email . An optin can be a free checklist or a calendar or a some receipes. Depending on what your overall niche is – you need to think about what your customer will want and provide value.

When we talk about a list, we are talking about a database of your customers that signed up on your list. This is and probably will be the most valuable thing that you create in your business.

Something to sell: Don’t worry . I know what you are thinking. That you are ready to sell yet. That is okay. Usually when someone is just starting , the easiest thing is to sell other peoples products. You don’t have to start creating anything until you are ready.

If you are just starting- I would focus and work on the basics.

This is how it works. Let’s say that you find your niche and you want to focus on baking because its your passion.

You will start with the product that you are going to be selling first.

Because you are starting and you probably wont have your own product, you can start looking into Affiliate networks.

One of them is called Click bank. Its free to sign up and once you do , you can pick out one of their prodcuts that has to do with baking. 

Just by doing a quick glance on Click bank, I was able to find a couple of products that I could use.

This one in particular: Better Breads & Guilt-free Desserts: Top Converting Health Offers!

So if I were to set this up my way – I would first think of a give away that would naturally be something that people that wanted to stay gluten free would want. I think a Top 10 snacks that you can eat wthout gluten.

would be a great hand out.

So I would create the one page pdf and then set up my landing page.

If i were not focusing on building a blog, I would defintely use a service that would help me put up a landing page quickly.

This is where I would suggest Converzly.

I love this tool because its really easy to use and it has a one time fee. Which means that I dont have to pay monthly for it.

There is also Lead pages, and Click funnels and I have used both but in the this case, Converzly would be best.

So we have our landing page set up and we design it so that you are giving away a Top 10 snacks that you can eat wthout gluten.

You can put your landing page on :

Facebook Fan pages and groups that focus on desserts or sweets or gluten free.

Use can search facebook for classified to post your landing pages.

If you wanted to – you could post this on your personal Facebook page.

You can talk about your give away on youtube.

When people see what you are giving away, they will gladly give you their email for this cool checklist you made.

And you rinse and repeat.

When your customers get on to the email list you can give them helpful tips, stories and most of all, your offers.

You can tell them all about the“Guilt free Desserts” product and begin selling.

And people will be grateful because you helped them out by giving them information that they wanted and needed.

This is just a basic layout of what we call a “Sales Funnel” , but it works.

You can use this with any niche.

Of course ..the real money is in blogging and using the power of facebook together.

I digress, this is a get started course.

So now…homework.

1. Decide what landing page you will be working wth. I recommend Converzly

2. Decide on what email system you will be using. I recommend Aweber.

3. Go to Click bank and decide what niche you will be in and what you will be selling. Having a problem trying to figure out your niche? Go here

4. Figure out your Optin.

So What are your next steps of your Journey?

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So Let’s Recap!

1. Landing Pages:


Lead pages

Click Funnels

2. Email System (CRM)


Mail Chimp

3. Product to Give Away:

Click bank

4. To Create an Optin: Check out this post if you want some info on creating an Free goody!

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint

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That is it ! I hope this super small course helps you out to get started and not spending tons of money!

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