These 7 Hidden Secrets That Can Help You Find Products To Promote As An Affiliate Influencer

Finding products, courses or services can be hard to promote if you don’t know what you are looking for and also if you don’t know where to start. 

I have 7 ways for you that you can start researching so you can start building your portfolio of affiliate programs and you can start using them today.

Do you ever wonder how some of these marketers always have something to promote?
They don't look like they have any programs or courses of their own but they always have someone elses product to show us? How do they do this all year long?
The answer is by always searching for and organizing a library evergreen product to have on hand just in case.

1. Know The Problem

Write down a list of problems your niche has and then locate products, try them, research them, and then if you think they’re good, find a way to recommend them.

It should solve a problem for your audience in a simple and fast way.

When you think about your niche, and your audience, think about the problems you solve with the products you create if you are also a creator.

Then think of other problems that can be solved through other products related to the problem you solve.

2. Google Search

The best way to find problem-solving products is to look for solutions, read about them, and try them.

You can likely find products to promote simply by researching the problems you want to solve for your audience.

3. Google Alerts

 You can set up Google Alerts for problems, and you might find solutions right in your inbox.

Try searching for solutions for one problem at a time. Evaluate the solutions to determine which one will work best for your audience.

4. Affiliate Networks

There are numerous networks that you can join to find a product to promote. 

Some networks have traffic and other criteria, and some don’t.

 For example, almost anyone can use and to find products to promote to their audience.

 You can search for solutions to your customer’s problems and find stuff to promote. Check out the networks you want to join first to be sure they’re legitimate. 

You want to ensure that anything you promote is really going to help. 

5. Things You Already Buy

If you bought something that you use in your business, is it something you can promote that your audience might like too? 

For example, if you use a project management system, a special type of checking account, or other services – if your audience is also interested in them, you can promote those too.

If you don’t see anything about an affiliate or referral program on their site, contact them. 


Once you find products you want to promote to your audience, you may need to sign up for their program, or you may even need to contact them to create a referral program for you.

However, even if you promote something that doesn’t earn you a dime just because you like it, and it’s good, this can also pay off because it helps to build trust so that when you do recommend something, and you make a little money, it’s not a big deal. 

When you work to find good products that really solve problems, your audience will recognize the value. 

Head over to the ClickBank Marketplace and choose any category you might be interested in promoting.

This will bring back the top ten most popular products in that category. You might check the second page, too, if you don’t find something that interests you on page one. 


Don’t be put off by the fact that a product seems too popular where you fear saturation.  Affiliate marketing is all about sleuthing out the potential customer – and maybe you have an “eye” for that market that others don’t.

6. Niche Forums

Another place to “read” your market is to go to the niche forum, say in the Forex market. 

Listen to the members there. What are the recurring questions and problems that a certain product can serve? 

You make sure you become a helpful contributor and then note which affiliate products can best serve those people.

6. Books, Magazines & Amazon

Head to your favorite bookstore and notice the most popular magazines.  If advertisers are spending money on ads, enough to support at least one magazine, then you know there’s a market for an affiliate product in that same niche.

Also, go to Amazon and check out the Bestsellers section in your niche.

These are just some of the simpler ways to get in the head of your market. 

Do you enjoy digging into the minds of potential customers to find what wants, needs or desires they have?  Then Affiliate Marketing may be just what you want to make money from home! You May Want To Think About Becoming an Affiliate Influencer!

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