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Having a home-based small business means you’re the boss.You’re totally accountable for the a favorable outcome or failure of your own business.



  • Will you be able to work independently?
  • Have you got the fortitude and perseverance with which you can prevail over hardship and steer your home business?
  • Are you passionate about learning new things everyday?
  • Do you have the drive to force yourself to produce internet marketing strategies and stick with them on a daily basis?

If perhaps your answers to most of these questions are positive, then congratulations and welcome aboard. Here are some tips to help you along with your online business.

 Home-based work at home opportunities that correspond with a person’s skills, interests, talents, and ingenuity have become almost without limit.


Our purpose would be to demonstrate that it is actually simple and easy to join the scores of success-minded men or women by looking for a work-at-home training course that meets your passions and needs.

As a matter of fact, it is actually perfectly possible to undertake your business enterprise in your personal garage, kitchen, basement or cellar, or a room in your home, and become a giant small business.

If you’re seriously interested in creating great money through the internet (four or five figures every thirty days) selling information products, then there are specific things that you should consider to get rolling online.



1.Have a clear understanding of the service you are providing

If you are prepared to choose a home based internet marketing business you first might want to make note of the various online project ideas that you possess.

Some of these really should match your current resources and interest. Organize any of these matching to your interest and capabilities. Choose the one that best complements in your budget.




Choosing the right home based online business is not difficult if you carry out it with business oriented analysis of all the opportunities open to you.

With your own home based online business you are going to be your own boss, exactly why not get engaged in opportunity that you hold a strong platform in. You should clearly know what you want from the business not to mention how far better to do it.

A clear vision of your ideas is a qualification for almost any business including home based businesses.

The instant the vision is clear, it will be very easy for you to get started with and execute the strategy and idea of your best home based online business.

Keep in mind you can master a project only when you have a commitment to do that. To make considerable work from home cash, you need to currently have a serious technique to your business to boot. 


2. Know who your people are and what they want & need.

Consider the community aspect when you do your niche research. You have to love the community and really want to help the people of that community.


You are setting yourself up to be the person to go to. Wherever you are “setting up shop” online should be a place where they can go to get the latest information and feel like they belong. You’re going to try to earn money from this community, of course, so you have to enjoy the topic and know the things you recommend to them are things that can actually help them.


It’s ideal if you can combine your passion for helping people with making amazing passive income.

It’s no fun writing to an audience that isn’t there.

Like with most things, it’s best to make something your audience already wants than to try to create something without an audience and then try to convince them that they want your offering. It really doesn’t matter what your expertise is now, you’ll easily be able to figure out something to teach your audience.


For example, even if you’re a service provider of some kind, such as a “marketer or authors”, you can get to know that audience and find something that you know enough about to teach them.


In this example, maybe you’re an expert at using a particular piece of software, or you know the exact steps it takes to build up an active community such as Facebook Groups, you can create an information product for the do it yourselfers within your niche or your topic.

Some business owners who offer services are afraid to create info products. They are worried that their audience will not want to use their services if they teach them to do it themselves. Instead, just let that idea go and concentrate on what you can teach them because you won’t lose your audience if you do it.


The truth of the matter is that some will buy the product and still hire you to do it for them. So, not only will you get paid for the information product, you’ll get paid by the client who wants the work done by you. Right now, just figure out who your audience is, and what types of things they need to learn that you know about, and how you might want to deliver it.


3. Learn About Them & Their Pain Points


It’s important to learn about your audience as much as you can before trying to create an information product.  The more you get to know your audience the more your information products start to create themselves. After all, any product you create needs to focus on what your audience wants and needs.


You can find your audience on social media, join the groups they’re part of, start your own groups, and engage with them by asking and answering questions.

As you participate in the groups, your audience will literally let you know what they need to know about, which will make it a lot easier to create in-demand information products for your audience.

As you learn about your audience you can begin to get known as an expert in your field, and build your email list.

Plus, you can also develop an understanding about what your audience needs and wants to learn so that you can start devising the information product idea and sales page in order to make sales.

These are the questions that you are trying to answer when you are scoping out your audience:

  • Knowing who your customer is
  • Knowing what they buy
  • And why they buy it
  • Why wouldn’t they buy it.


How to make money with my computer for free

Just so you know, there are multiple ways to earning money online. This is just one that I know that is the easiest and most effective way to do it. 


There are other ways, and if you decide to sign up to the SMART START ONLINE COURSE then I will share those with you, but in the meantime if you want to get up and running now, this is the most structured and the best way that I know to building a successful online business. 





Also note that this is not the end all. There are definitely more things to learn about this. But it is waaay to much to start with but I will be adding more mini courses so you can learn about those later.




Here are some simple steps for getting your online business set up without any money!


4. Get yourself a blog.

[hfcm id=”6″]
Once you get a feel for having a blog – the system will show you step by step how to start blogging. Having a blog help you with a lot of things such as

a. Where your traffic will go

b. How to market and monetize your products or info

c. Have a way to collect names for a list. (This is so important and so vital and you need to start collecting those names right away!)

But first things first- get set up.

5.Get yourself an autoresponder.  

What is an autoresponder and why do you need it?

An autoresponder is an inexpensive – or even free – method of quickly responding to emails.. They are programs that automatically respond to your emails without you so much as having to click on your mouse.

There are a number of good reasons why you need an autoresponder besides just answering your email.

For example, an autoresponder can be used if you need a way to send information about your services or products, price lists, or if there are repeated questions asked across large numbers of emails. 

Maybe you want to offer your site visitors a special bonus of some kind, such as advice or relevant articles. All of this can be handled by an autoresponder. Additionally, you can advertise your business and then build stable relationships with your customers by using an autoresponder. 

There are lot of high quality autoresponder’s these day, but I teach on two

Get response : 30 Day Free Trial

AWEBER: 30 Day Free Trial

MAILCHIMP: Free (but it has limited functionality)

6. Determine the Type of Product 

Determine what you will be selling in the long run. Don’t have time to create something now? Go to and pick a product to sell that you like and go from there.


So pick a product that you can use that matches

What your people want

And what you can teach on and expand on later.


Thats why I say pick a Clickbank product. You can get approved for free and it costs nothing for you to promote it.


Another thing you can do is join the Amazon affiliate program if you want to promote actual physical products.

This is free as well- but you must sell an item in a specific time or else your account will be cut off. (boo)


If you want to get into the IM (Making Money Space) try JV zoo– but you must be able to prove that you can sell products or sometimes they wont approve you.

This is why I would try a Click bank product.

Now if you signed up for a free blog using this link…then you can use the wealthy affiliate model and promote that.


The thing is that you need to have something that you are promoting in the long run. All of your marketing efforts need to go toward one goal.

Of course this goal can change as you get to know your business model a little more- but it the meantime, use the KIIS model and stick with easy for now.


7.   Figure out your system.

If you don’t have a system down- something that you can do over and over, then you can get lost very easily and the “Shiny Object Syndrome “ can carry you away to never never land and I can guarantee you will never make any money.

The System can keep you focused on one thing and increase your success.

If you don’t have a system then this can kill your business.


Figuring out your system is something that you will have to figure out for yourself, but you can model off other peoples systems and then choose what to do, keep and throw away.

If you don’t like it, you wont do it so the best thing to do is develop a system that will keep you

  • Interested
  • Focused
  • And will produce results.


Here is one business example that I am doing currently that just covers ONE stream of income.

The secret to all this is to have “MULTIPLE” business models, so you can passive income coming from everywhere.


Why do we do this? Because what would happen if one of your main lines of income relies on a company and then changed all of their rules?

This has happened plenty of times.


Here is an example of how the author of Performancing had to deal with a detrimental Google update:

I was having more than 20 exact match domain (EMD) sites which were ranking better in Google & making me more than $1500 per month. Life was going cool until 28th September 2012 but suddenly I found many of my EMD sites (more than 15) were not ranking any more on the first page. Initially I was under impression that its a usual Google dance but when none of my domain returned to the previous rank then I thought there is really some problem.

So what went wrong?

And then I came to know about the latest Google update which was for exact match domain (EMD). I was never affected by any of the previous updates from Google (Panda or Penguin) but this time Google ruined my life. My earnings from these EMD sites dropped from $50+ per day to $10.

You can read the rest here on how he had to deal with that debacle




Another example is when Facebook changed the algorithm of Fan Pages and now because it became a “Pay to Play” platform , a lot of the Facebook Fan pages were pretty much non existent. Which means if you have a majority of your business on Facebook, then you needed to start advertising or your business will slowly go away.



So the idea of having multiple ways to make money is more of a safeguard. Never put all of your eggs in one basket.


So getting back to your system: Pick one and write out and SOP (standard operating procedure or basically how you do it).

This is good because if you ever want to “Outsource it” then you can just hand this over to your VA and they can follow the instructions.


Don’t feel like writing a lot? Then just do yourself a check list for that particular passive income stream.

Then schedule it out when you will work on it.

The point is to make a system that fits you- then most likely you will

  • Not give up on it
  • Follow it
  • Edit it when you find something else works better.


So now that I have all this information and these tips on an online business – How do I start?

Here are the best online courses that can teach you how to start


Learn and Earn Online Courses



Free course How to earn $1000 by giving away a website for free! 100% Newbie Friendly- no selling required! Literally work this one time and just reap the benefits.Click here to discover how to build a business for free with no selling involved- just giving away!


Affiliate Blogging Ninja

Shreya Banerjee just released Affiliate Blogging Ninja that will show you how to turn your blog into a cash machine.She shows you how to setup and monetize your blog,drive traffic and generate affiliate sales. The best part is that you can do all of this in 2 hours and rake in the profits for the whole month. This is not an e-book. This is a complete membership site that is loaded with 6 modules and 27 different videos that show you how to do everything step by step.We are talking a in depth course on how to setup and profit from your blog. Click here to check this out.


10X Commissions – Brendan Mace The training will show you how to get leads and buyers for your email list building through using Facebook posts (without ads) and building a YouTube channel to generate free traffic.  He will show you also how to get traffic to your blog. Click here to 10x Your Commissions.


Tell me if you learned anything and if you have any questions, just comment below!



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